Cool Forms is owned & operated by a former award winning Australian-based web design company. (read more below)

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A cool web company creating cool web forms...

Cool Forms AUST
Since ... seems like forever...

Cool Forms is owned & operated by a former award winning Australian-based web design company who have spent many years experiencing the best (& worst!) of what is available on the internet. We think the interactive web forms offered by COOL FORMS are unique, engaging, interesting, easy to use, and are fully mobile friendly - like us :)

Thank's if you are still reading, the best is yet to come!


Forms, Surveys, Contests, Landing Pages, Tests, Questionnaires, and more!

A great user experience

A user experience that makes your questions stand out. Beautiful forms that make your respondents focused and engaged.
Delight your respondents. Keep them focused and engaged as they progress, one question at a time. Just like a natural conversation.

Your brand

Your forms should look as awesome as you. Fully customize the look & feel of your online forms. Stand out from the crowd. Make beautiful forms that match your company style and uphold your brand values.

Mobile ready

Make your questions look & feel great everywhere. Make forms that look great on any device. Give respondents a seamless and beautiful interface for answering your questions across devices and platforms.

28th June 2015?

We are almost(!) there. Our website should be online and underway anywhere between 4-6 weeks time - sooner if we can!

We ARE Coming Soon!

Launch Date?
June 28th, 2015

  Our expected "be online" date for this momentus event.

If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing online forms for your clients – you are very welcome to join us sooner - just email admin@coolforms.com.au - and we will see if we can help!


Gold Coast, Australia

We are currently based in a beautiful location on Queensland's northern Gold Coast. Enjoying the sunshine and some of Australia's best beaches...

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1 Marina Promenade, Paradise Point, Gold Coast, 4216. Australia

Cool Forms Headquarters

1 Marina Promenade, Paradise Point
Gold Coast, 4216.

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We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have until our new website is online. (details below)

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1 Marina Promenade, Paradise Point
Gold Coast, Queensland 4216 Australia


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